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OpenGL sketch/paint application. Currently in development. Download the latest version below if you want to try it out.

Some key features:

  • Layers with lockable transparency, and visual layer selection
  • Various layer blending modes
  • Image filters
  • Undo for paint operations and filters
  • Layered animation with onionskin and frame export
  • Friendly tooltips and help
  • Tablet/mouse support
  • 16-bit color channels with dithered rendering
  • Arbitrary color channel shape/gamma, to allow various blending properties
  • Multicore support
  • Rotatable canvas
  • Optional miniature canvas overview
  • Convenient interface for adjusting color and brush properties
  • Flood fill and other tools designed to aid comic/cartoon coloring
  • Greyscale-to-transparency conversion for a purpose similar to the above
  • Brush path smoothing using bezier curves to avoid polygonal lines
  • Optional brush inertia to improve steadiness/flow
  • Joystick pressure control as alternative to tablet (use an analog trigger for instance)
  • Load/save PNG, JPEG and an internal lossless layered format

The file format is changed now and then. I try to at least increment file version numbers so that it won’t crash, but there’s no backwards compatibility with old formats. If you are working on something you’ll be wise to keep a copy of your current program version until that image is completed.