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From their about page: is an independent, community-driven social platform for developers in the games and interactive media industries. Here you will find forums, articles and tutorials, developer blogs, news, career resources, and an industry marketplace for assets and services.

Game Developers League

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Description from Patreon:

Hello! I’m Mike (Violent Crumble on Discord), and I created the Game Developers League, a community of established and aspiring game developers from all over the world. We have had over 7000 developers come through the doors and new developers are joining every day. For many of us Game Dev League has become like a second home, which we are on almost everyday, getting help or advice or even just chatting about anything and everything.

We also host game jams with prizes! from 6hr mini jams, to 2 week marathons, We have the game jam for you!, We try to offer the best prizes we can for those game jams and try to ensure everyone learns from them.


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From their about page:

Ludum Dare is an online community best known for “Ludum Dare”, the Accelerated Game Development Event of the same name (also called a “Game Jam”). During a Ludum Dare, developers from around the world spend a weekend creating games based on a theme suggested by the community. Ludum Dare events take place every April, August and December.

Founded in April 2002 by Geoff Howland, the Ludum Dare community has been running its brand of Game Jam for more than 12 years. It’s both the longest running, and the largest Online Game Jam in the world.


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From their about page:

Pixeland is a collection of various game development initiatives around the world organised by local developers. These initiatives range from programming classes, game jams, workplaces to occasional meet-ups. Everyone can join and start their own initiative and due to its global nature is able to share resources, branding, promotion and (in the future) funding.


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From Wikipedia:

Polycount is a website and community of professional & hobbyist artists that specialize in creating 3D art for video games.

Polycount’s wiki has a ton of great information not just on art but also on things like how to do freelance work and information about the industry



Description from sidebar:

/r/gamedev is a game development community for developer-oriented content. We hope to promote discussion and a sense of community among game developers on reddit.



Description from sidebar:

Game jams are accelerated game development events where participants (‘jammers’) make a game in a short amount of time - an hour to a day to a week or more. Come join in the fun!


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A subreddit for asking and answering programming related questions, check out their Discord if you want some fast live help