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June 21, 2018 major

Second Major Update

  • Added Fonts Category
  • Re ordered some categories
  • Added suggestions from BluShine on the Vice Waypoint forums
  • Went through and removed personal opinions
  • Updated home page to reflect the above
  • Updated Audio Editors
  • Updated Audio Assets
  • Updated Programming Editors
  • Updated Engines
  • Moved Advice and Communities to top of sidebar
  • Updated 3D assets
  • Updated 3D editors
  • Added new advice
  • Updated 2D editors


June 15, 2017 major

This is the initial release of the site


  • Added Advice on selecting an engine
  • Added LudumDare to communities
  • Added Game Developers League to communities


  • Added the following to Editors:
    • Audacity
    • FluidSynth
    • LMMS
    • musagi
    • sfxr
  • Added the following to assets:
    • Freesound
    • FreePats
    • Free Sample Packs
    • Looperman
    • MusicRadar’s SampleRadar
    • Soundbible Royalty Free
    • Wikimedia Commons


  • Added UE4 to engines
  • Added Unity to engines
  • Added the following to Editors
    • Atom
    • Geany
    • NetBeans
    • NotePad++
    • Sublime Text
    • Visual Studio Community Edition